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 Used Book Buy-Back
 General Information

  • A receipt is not needed to sell your book back as a used book.
  • Books with writing or highlighting may have value.
  • Old editions have no value and cannot be sold back.
  • Books are purchased daily in the store, except during peak periods at the beginning of each semester.  
  • Books are purchased daily online with no shipping charges using our Online Buyback page.  The online buy-back pays wholesale prices.  During the end-of-semester buyback you will receive the best prices for your textbooks by bringing them into the store during the dates/times advertised for the end-of-semester buyback. 
  • Rental textbook returns are not the same as buy-back.  DO NOT SELL BACK YOUR RENTED TEXTBOOK!  If you SELL your rented book rather than RETURN it, your book will be counted as “not returned” and you will be charged the replacement fee (current new selling price PLUS $10)!  When you return a rented textbook properly, you will always be given a receipt as proof of your return.

 Summer & Back to School
 Buyback Dates

Mon. August 7 10 am-7 pm
Mon.-Tues., August 28-29   10 am-7 pm
Fall End-of-Semester
Fri. Dec 8 9 am-3 pm
 Mon.-Thur. Dec 11-14 9 am-7 pm
Fri. Dec 15  9 am-3 pm
Mon. Dec 18 9 am-7 pm


 Pricing Information

The College Store will pay up to 67% of the original price you paid for your textbook providing the textbook is: 
  • Is sold back during the fall or spring, end-of-semester buy-back AND
  • Is being used for an HCC course AND
  • Is needed to fill the College Store's quota AND
  • Is in reusable condition
If the above does not apply, up to 35% of the new price may be paid. This wholesale price is determined by national supply and demand.

Take a look at the Textbook FAQ for more information.




Summer students please note . . .

A special end-of-semester buy-back is held at the end of the fall and spring semesters where up to 50% of the new textbook price may be paid.  The College Store regrets that it is not able to offer this special 50% pricing at the summer end-of-semester buy-back due to the short turn-around time from the end of the summer to the beginning of the fall semesters.

Hold on to your summer textbooks and sell them back during the fall end-of-semester buy-back (held in December) only if you are willing to face these risks:

  • It will not be determined until November which books are to be purchased at the 50% price--it is possible that your summer textbook will not be on the 50% price list.

  • It is possible that your summer textbook will change editions before December and it may have no value in December.  Textbooks generally change editions every 2-4 years.   Even though your book may be new to you or new to HCC, the edition may actually be several years old (check the copyright date printed on the title page).

  • Your textbook may meet with an accident (water damage, lost, etc.) between August and December or you may not feel like coming to the College Store in December.   Sometimes a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

If you do not want to wait until December to sell back your books, you can receive the wholesale price at any time during the summer semester or at the summer end-of-semester buy-back.